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For a little while I have had a problem particularly when trying to access Google.

In the past it has been my habit that when turning on my pooter, switch it on, walk away for 10 minutes to give it chance to start Windows then to click on the second phase to finish off the start-up. On one occasion I noticed that it said that Windows had failed to start, giving me a few options to choose from.  This may have been like it for some time but I had not noticed it before. When it gave me options to start it I left it on the one it had chosen, which was (I think) start normally, it then counted down for 20 secs before loading properly.  So like I say this may have been happening for a while without me realising it.

The Google problem.

Other than Google all other programmes appear to be operating correctly except that it is my impression the PC is running slower than it used to do.  However if I want to use Google I get as far as typing 3 or 4 letters of what I am searching for before the screen goes black as if it has switched itself off and it starts itself again just as if I had turned on the machine first thing in the morning.

Last week I took it to a shop to be fixed who said they had found a couple of Trojans??? but it was now okay. Well, it's not okay.    

Any ideas,  before I take it back to the shop which is an hour away.

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I have usually found with browser problems that rather than spend hours and hours downloading different software to try and fix the problem its much easier to just re-install the browser. Normally you can remove it first via Program Manager if its a higher version of IE (if thats what your using) than the one that came with your PC. If its another type of browser then remove it anyway and re-install it. Takes about 15 minutes and usually fix's it.
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You could also change the default behaviour of a reboot when a problem is encountered. This has to be the most ridiculous setting ever as it gives you no idea whatsoever what's caused it and you can end up in a perpetual loop.

Right click on My Computer then Properties then the Advanced tab

At the bottom under Startup and Recovery click Settings

Untick Automatically Restart and at the same time untick Send an Administrative alert, who is the administrator - you !

Click OK but before you leave click Error Reporting and disable it. It's utterly pointless sending a report to Microsoft every time an error occurs.

OK and you're out.

Now if you get a serious error you'll likely get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) but don't be scared about what it says, just make a note of it such as error number in module or file or whatever, these are the vital clues as to what has happened which you'd never see with an automatic reboot.

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