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We have just bought a second home in Brece, Nr Gorron and need to buy a few of the larger electrical goods i.e. vacuum cleaner, washing machine. Can anyone tell us the best place to go. We have looked in the 'Super U' and Intermarche in Gorron but I think we need to go somewhere a bit bigger. We would prefer to buy them in France!
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We bought from But at Caen (Mondeville) and were very happy with our purchases - electrical and furniture. The problem is delivery, if you are in France for only a short visit and don't have your own transport (for larger items). I sent But a fax, explaining the situation and negotiated a delivery on the Thursday after choosing items on Monday of the same week. Our house is near Pont D'Ouilly. You may well find a Conforama (or equivalent) closer to you than Caen. We chose But because we had visited one elsewhere in France and realised that we could get everything we wanted under one roof.
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>We would prefer to buy
>them in France!

A good idea is to buy from your local dealer if possible as you will benefit from the SAV if anything goes wrong with the appliance.

There is a good selection of electrical goods in the "Espace U" shop next door to the large Hyper U in Mayenne. This is only about 35 minutes from Brec. Alternatively you have a very well equipped LECLERC in Mayenne too. If you want a larger choice then Careffour at LAVAl is about 50 mins away from you. They have a large white and brown goods section.



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>We have just bought a second
>home in Brece, Nr Gorron
>and need to buy a
>few of the larger electrical
>goods i.e. vacuum cleaner, washing

Just to expand on other comments and as general rules though this may vary in certain stores:

But and Conforama don't include delivery in the price but both have vans for hire and can deliver for a fee.

Darty, Boulanger and most of the Hypermarkets (Auchan, Carrefour, Geant Casino etc.) include delivery in the price of large items.

Carrefour and Darty have functional online shopping sites.

All give 2 year guarantees on large items.

One can usually negotiate the price down in all of these stores.

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