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In the uk, there is a tariff that lets you divert incoming calls from your land line to your mobile, i.e, when you leave the house, you tap in a number on your land line, then after so many rings it goes to your mobile, does anyone know if this service exits in France. We are going to look on france telecom's website, but it will take a time to translate it all, so I'm trying to cheat a bit. Thankyou.

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Hopefully this will be the last word on the subject, found all the links that you all sent to me, filled the form in and got an e-mail back to say request being sorted, however, I'm now panicking that we will get all our calls automatically diverted, without us putting the code into our land line when we go out, as there wasn't anything on the form giving us instructions how to do this, we found this out earlier on another site. What does anyone think please. Thankyou.

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