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Change in phone!!

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HI, We have not long had our uprated orange phone and internet service with the phone through the Livebox. We have noticed thast some calls and I don't know how have gone to our orange e-mail account! How is this happening as when it does our phone does not ring atall but it lights up like when a normal call comes through. The phone has gone at other times of the day perfectly normally but as I said some calls ahve gone to the orange account. When i first found them they were a few days old as I came across them by accident as I wasn't expecting to find them.

Any ideas how I can stop this from happening as I would rather the phone would ring as it should.

Does anyone else have this happening on there orange account.
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I don't know what phone you have, that might be a bit helpful (make, name and model).

You should now have an extra 'tag' in your online version of your email marked "boites vocales" this is where the messages on your Answer Phone (these days call voice mail) are stored and you can see that you can play them back on your PC. When you receive a 'voice mail' you also get an email sent to your email account. If you have two or more email accounts it goes to the primary (first) email account that was set up by Orange when you got your account opened. If you had Wanadoo prior to this then you will have to change where the email alerts go.

The other issue could be the number of rings is to short for you or you simply didn't hear it before it goes to the 'voice mail' which can be adjusted. The default is 6 rings and to change this you login to your Orange account via the Internet, go to Espace Client (top of screen over to the right) then on the left side look for "mon telephone par internet". You will now get four choices of things to do, the top one marked "renvoi d'appels" and is what you are interested in so click on the "+" next to it on the left of the wording to see how its set. You can now click on "modifier" on the right and change the number of rings then save it.

My phone lights up then flashes when I have missed a call or if there is a voice mail.

Another option is that the phone you have is not compatible with the LiveBox, I think somebody else had this problem a while back. I have a Siemens Gigaset AC260 cordless phone (actually I have three dotted around the house) and that does work OK. Its one recommended and sold by Orange but I bought it from Darty as it was much cheaper. It even has a 'voice mail' button so I can listen to voice mail if I miss a call. If no message is left then it shows me who's called and I can press the call button o call them back. Personally I have set my phone to transfer to my mobile if there is no answer or the line is engaged. That way if I loose power to the house calls go to my mobile automatically and so I could do away with my FT line.

If your French is not up to it then search for Google Toolbar and install it. You then get automatic translation button that works in real time and could make it easier for you to navigate round their website in English.

Good luck.

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I shall look into what you are saying about on our orange account. It's weird that as I said sometimes the phone rings and we pick it up,sometimes it rings and we get a message left on the answering machine with the phone and last night I was on the computer and we have a second handset and stand by the pc and it just lit up with no ringing atall and said private on the panel. I then thought I would check our e-mail and it had a message with just someone saying hello as though they were expecting to talk to us and then went.

Its all a bit strange.

The phone is a Alcatel Versatis D300 voice duo. This has only happened as I said since we changed over our internet and phone package but sometimes we have the messages on the answering machine and sometimes on our e-mail and these are the ones that do not seem to make the phone ring.

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