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Finding an area to live.


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My wife and I, both at retirement age, want to have a new challenge in life and we after studying the situation from all angles are really set on moving to France to live permanently. We have researched thoroughly and have learnt so much by reading of other peoples experiences and problems in Marie. It has been very enlightening.
But the biggest question mark is, WHERE? We favour the South West mainly because of the warmer climate, but even then we are talking of a very huge area to choose from. I would like some input from expats who have already made this move and what made them decide on the spot where they finally settled.
We are about to put our house on the market and making a trip down to the Toulouse area in the Spring. We would be very pleased to have any helpful input from those lucky bodies who are already enjoying a permanent French experience. Merci. Philouis
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>But the biggest question mark is,
>WHERE? We favour the South
>West mainly because of the
>warmer climate, but even then
>we are talking of a
>very huge area to choose
>We are about to put our
>house on the market and
>making a trip down to
>the Toulouse area in the

All places have advantages and disadvantages though most of the southern half of France is nice enough in the summer months. If you are looking for a place to live all year round then I would advise visiting in the winter above all whilst you are deciding.
The same applies to buying houses: visit them on a wet and windy day in January.
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I moved to the Vendee just over a year ago - absolutley brilliant, has its own micro-climate (late 20's all Oct for example); life is calm, stress-free, friendly, you name it; sea; countryside, and wonderful people! Need I say more?
If so, my friend, Gill , lives in Charente-Maritime, 2 housr further South, but lovely! Speak to either of us if you want more info!
Hope you find your perfect place, we did.
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