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Changes to SIMYO mobile phone terms?

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We bought a Simyo SIM card this time last year as provided you topped up by €10 every 90 days the existing credit was prolonged.

However,  when I checked recently it seems that now a €10 top up only prolongs the credit by four weeks;  you have to put in about €30 to get to the 90 day limit.

New options have appeared for automatic top-ups,   but again they are far more expensive on a monthly basis (min €10 month) than the old €10 per 90 days.   There is another option to top up when your limit drops to €2 but as far as I can see this still would lose you your existing credit if you didn't top up every 90 days,  ie you've got to use the phone far more regularly than we do.

I must say I feel cheated that no alert has been given that the basis for topping up has been completely altered,  and to my detriment.    It isn't the first time that a mobile phone company in France has done the dirty on its clients (cf NRJ).   Why is it that these ******* appear to be able to change their terms and conditions without telling anyone whereas as soon as the "little man" steps out of line he's taken to the cleaners

Unless I'm missing something......

Let's hope I am - can anyone enlighten....?

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Mobicart Orange did the same thing a while back. Very frustrating and the amount of money I have lost to that company is annoying.

I find everything to do with this sort of thing in France (regarding internet, mobile phones etc) archaic and against the customer. Very inflexible, always for the company and very expensive.
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Thanks,   I'm glad I'm not alone.

I have ALWAYS (from right back in the 1980's when those first Del-boys sprouted analogue mobile phones) had a visceral suspicion of the funding of the wretched things,   but I did honestly believe that Simyo had put together a package for people like me,  honest,  straight-forward, clearly-worded.

Anyway,  I've found several threads on French forums criticising the changes.

TBH I'm just going to dial internationally and use up my €44 credit so that at least Bouyges get the money from Simyo and Simyo don't just end up pocketing it.    Then I'll throw the card away and do without.

An expensive lesson,   and I'm not falling for any of their recharges automatiques options as sure as sure they'll find a way to shaft again the fools that stay with them.

There's one born every day as they say,  and I've certainly been enmerdé in their piege.

I hope they go bust.   

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Yeah I got shafted by NRJ, added some more credit illilitée before the deadline and then conserved it, only for the barstewards to shut down the line and trouser my hard earned.

At a bar with a group friends from the diving club on thursday night there was a spirited conversation on who was getting the best deal from their mobile operator, to be honest thay were all a very bad deal compared to anywhere else in the world and overly complicated.and totally restricted.

When I told them what a friend gets on his UK contract and what I pay for my Asda PAYG, explained that phones arent locked to a network, you can keep your number and change operator, credit remains on the account and is not stolen etc they were aghast and once more I heard the oft repated phrase "on est pris pour les c o n s en France".

One of them wanted me to get him a UK contract and phone, another wanted to change to a UK SIM card but I explained that it would be more expensive as they would in effect be paying for calls to and from the UK for a local call in France.

The next day I checked my tariff and whilst I dont use the ASDA sim in France (its there for emergencies though) if I were to do so it would be significantly cheaper than using an Orange Mobicarte on which calling credit is stolen after as little as 7 days.

I find that I am very happy living without a mobile phoen in France and it doesnt inconvenience me at all, it does my Frecnh friends though who for some reason never want to call a land line number.

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