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We have found the house, signed the intial contract, organized finance, retained a French solicitor in England, all seems to be going nicely when the "termite expert" reports no termites in the house but they are in the garden. The english/french solicitor seems to think it is nothing major????

We think it over and have virtually decided not to proceed, if they are in the garden, how long before they are in the house, are they in now but have been overlooked????
Can anyone offer some experience of anything similar.
As you will have gathered the house is in the Lot department.

My feeling is that we will find another house but may be throwing good money at the problem, should we continue with this house.

Many thanks in advance, Malcolm.
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The Expert that carries out the inspection is highly skilled at detecting wood boring insects, but the inspetion is purely visual and "non destructif" meaning they did not have a good poke into your beams or lift floor covering. If they are in the garden then you can bet they will find their way into the house! You only get a 3 month Guarantee on the findings anyway, and all it proves is there were no termites at the time of the inspection. If you have set your heart on the house why not ask the expert for a termite prevention treatment? It is a lot cheaper than termite eradication and is guaranteed for 5 years. If the expert is not happy to carry out this treatment I would fear the worst! I recently made an offer on a house knowing it had termite infestation, a classic case of the heart ruling the head!
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