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FT line problem.

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We have been having a problem with our phone line for the last couple of weeks, very intermittent. The line would suddenly go very crackly and the Livebox would do a reset and throw everything off line, internet and viop phone. The fixed line was impossible to hear what was being said.

It got worse and I decided to phone the English help line for FT a couple of days ago. I must admit that I didn't expect much from it, but I am VERY glad to say that they were really helpful and now our problem has bee resolved. It was a line problem with a very high resistance, intermittent connection. The lady on the help line could not have been more helpful and as I said in the follow up feedback, she had a smile in her voice! The Orange engineer rang our bell when he had finished the repair and told me what the trouble had been and he too was really friendly.

A really nice surprise and a very fast resolve for our problem. Well done Orange!

Edit :-  Nearly forgot, the number is and the wait was just a few minutes.
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We've just had a 36 hour fault repaired on our line too.    A reparation bricolé to get us through the weekend,  then a two hour fiddle a few days later.

Although that was FT that came not Orange (although the difference is academic!).

Both times a quick call from the engineer's mobile to check that we were happy.

Not bad.

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Sorry for the delay in seeing this.

Fine,  in answer to your question.    Aerials that were past their best (for example at our neighbours) which produced sub-standard analogue pics now deliver first class digital signals.    The pic quality of course is in the hands of the beancounters,   but the actual transmission change-over has mainly been a success.

One problem is on the north coast of Devon where a now-digital relay (might be Ilfracombe from memory) is being swamped by digital signals from S Wales.    Planning on frequency sharing left a bit to be desired there.

Latest excitement is a fire this afternoon at the Oxford BBC main transmitter which has burnt out the feeders to the newly installed UHF main aerial.    I believe the analogues are back on using the reserve aerial but there's going to be some head-scratching about what to do,  depending on how much damage has been done....


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Interesting that you should say that Martin, my house in the UK has always had crap reception, I coud never be bothered to change the ariel and used a booster instead, often on teletext half the text was missing.

Now my tenants tell me that they are getting all the TNT channels from the ariel that I thought I would have to change for them.

Can I ask you a question about TNT par antenne in France for a multi-habitation?

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