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What have people who moved out to france and financed purchase of french house on sale of uk house done? Do you sell up in UK and then find something or has anyone tried an international bridging loan (DO they exsist?)
We have found a property we like in france but must sell our UK house first (or my parents is on the market too-sale of either would do). We do have cash available to pay deposit but as I understand it, have to be able to show at that point that you have finance available for the house.
We very much want to find something and start getting things underway because lots of kids/animals/belongings and the thought of moving to france and renting till we find something doesnt appeal! one move will be stress enough!
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>has anyone tried an international
>bridging loan (DO they exsist?)

Your UK bank should be delighted to help you. Forget French banks for any sort of sophisticated finance.
If you do find a French property it may be worthwhile you making the purchase conditional on you obtaining a bridging loan. This can be a handy get-out clause.

>We do have
>cash available to pay deposit
>but as I understand it,
>have to be able to
>show at that point that
>you have finance available for
>the house.

I've never heard of this.
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