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BBC & ITV Players available soon on Freesat

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I see from the Freesat website that BBC iPlayer and ITV player will start to be rolled out on Freesat during the first quarter of 2010. Viewers will need a Freesat HD Digital box, Freesat + box, or a Freesat HD Tv connected to Broadband and satellite dish.
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Jazzer - if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Sadly all that the freesat HD box does is to act as a "terminal" (instead of a computer).   The actual programmes are still carried by the internet,  not the satellite.    This means that a foreign IP address still appears at the BBC's end if the box is conncected to a French ADSL ISP,   and so AIUI the system will only work in Britain.  

Unless you use one of these masks that have been talked about on other threads here.

I had hoped that this would help us  (and I DO pay a licence fee in Britain!) when we are in France but it seems not.....

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I can regrettably confirm that iPlayer is not available via Freesat here in France.

My investigations show that whilst the Freesat box picks up a local N/W connection OK and the iPlayer screens appear to work, nothing ever downloads.

Unfortunately, a VPN type solution won't work... there are no hacks into the Freesat where you can set one up (it is essentially a Linux computer, but you can't get at the "normal" Linux interface in order to (ahem) adjust things)

Oh well, I can watch at my computer I s'pose. Or just use a service like Demonoid. Not that I would. Ever. Of course. After all, it's illegal*


*umm, no it's not. It's only illegal to download copyright material. I get all my perfectly kosher Linux Live CD's from Demonoid - not breaking any laws there at all. So there.

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