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I still have two NRJ SIMs with an 'unlimited' expirary time from 2006. I seem to remember that someone posted some time ago to say when they would expire after the contracts were modified. Can anyone let me know how long I have left? I have looked in search without finding it. Thanks


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Do they still work?

If so the credit should be OK until 2030 or 1930 if you request a balance by text, dont ask me why!

If like me you made the (in hindsight) mistake of topping up with some more credit illimité just before the new terms came in then you also (like muppet me) were accepting the new terms that mean you lose your number and all the credit that you paid for if you dont make any calls withinn 2 or 3 months.

Best check now to see, I said "should be OK till 2030" as I hold NRJ in the same contempt as all large French companies and to date they have not proved me wrong.

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