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Our house insurance is now up for renewal and I need to decide who to reinsure with. Our present insurers may not be the best value for money we simply went with them because their office is in the village.

Is there a concensus on who is best to go with, if you have a reasonably large property with seperate gite accomodation.

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There's a lot to be said for dealing with an agent who is good and close at hand. But prices can vary widely, so do ask for a few more quotes. For what its worth we're with AXA - AGF were very slightly cheaper but not really worth changing.

The only consensus seems to be that French insurers offer far better value than trying to insure a second home through a UK-based company.


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We use Eaton Insurance, based in Vannes in Britanny. Gordon Eaton is English and his wife Lena is French. They insure us through Continent Insurance and we found them excellent when we needed to make a claim following the Dec 1999 storms. They dealt with everything over the phone, no forms to fill in and the cheque was with us in days. We are also covered for public liability insurance for guests staying at the house.

Their phone number is 0033 2 97 47 31 97. It may be worth getting a quote from them.

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