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Correct procedure for "Dégroupage Total" with Free ?

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Free has been my ISP since 2004 or maybe earlier (we were one of the first takers to subscribe to the €29,99 deal) but so far for professional reasons we haven't requested "dégroupage total" even though we have been attributed a 09 number. I now  wnat to change that, but have understandably a huge mistrust of anything I'm told by operators at free.

I contacted Free and said they would take care of contacting France Telecom and cancelling my contract - for a fee of  €45 euros. Is this the normal procedure or should I write to FT myself ? And surely as a long-term customer Free should not be charging me for doing this ?

Thanks for input




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You should not cancel the FT line yourself. There is the possibility that in doing so you will no longer have a phone line/service and Free will then not be able to take it over and you will be left with no phone line and no ADSL which you will still be paying for even though it is not working.

It must be handled by Free to get it sorted out.

from this page


Le passage en dégroupage total entraîne la suppression automatique de

l'accès France Telecom, il n'est donc pas nécessaire que vous procédiez à

sa résiliation. Une telle opération risquerait d'entrer en conflit avec

la commande de dégroupage.

As for the charges, normally with Free, the only choice you have is to pay or go elsewhere for your ADSL.

Orange are getting much more competitive these days....


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