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Notaire fees


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I have just got back from the Notaires having bought two parcells of land. One for 500 and another for 2000. I was suprised to find that the cost was 325 each in fees. It appears that there is a fixed rate irrespective of how much land you buy. I was not aware of this, and thought the fees would be around 10%.

My fault for not investigating more thouroughly, but thought it worth bringing up if anyone else ou there is looking at purchasing a small parcell.

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>I was suprised to find
>that the cost was 325
>each in fees. It appears
>that there is a fixed
>rate irrespective of how much
>land you buy. I was
>not aware of this, and
>thought the fees would be
>around 10%.

In common with most taxes in France property transfer costs are made up from a myriad of often relatively small fees, all of which are combined to produce a big total.

Some of these fees are in fact one-offs of a fixed amount and so there is in fact a minimum cost applicable to any property sale.

Your 325 seems a little high though. I thought that it was around 2000F.
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