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Calling APPLE experts

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Please can you have a look at my previous post re Mail problem. It has not stopped since early this morning, the 'Recovered Messages' folder is just getting bigger and bigger with the same message and the activity 'wheel just keeps going round and round by the 'Sent' folder. Please help - the delete mailbox instruction doesn't do anything either.

Thanks again in anticipation.

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Hi CBC, sorry for the late reply, but I've just seen this. If you are still having problems then this would be a good place to start and I'm sure the this forum won't mind me directing you to another one [B]


They are a very helpful bunch and will probably know the problem straight away. You may have to register, but if you are as good an ex-spert as me then it is a gold field!! Good luck!

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Hello Jonzjob and thanks for your reply. I managed to sort it out (for now, at least) - seems the type/name of incoming had changed itself from POP to IMAP ....?

Will note your forum link for any future problems.

Thanks again.
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