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DVB-T TV from UK to France

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Sorry if this has been dealt  with before but couldn't find it on Search. Given my lack of subject knowledge, possibly too dumb a question to have been posted previously.

A UK store is selling a 1080 full HD TV "with built in DVB-T tuner to receive digital free to air channels". Seems a good deal so thought I might bring one back on forthcoming return trip.

If I hook this up to an aerial at our French house, will the free to air bit be redundant or will it pick up some equivalent set-up in France? Or should I buy in France if I want that - if it exists? I also have a satellite box and dish to play with as an alternative to using the existing aerial.


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I'd do a bit of checking though.   Yes it should be fine for standard def (with the caveat that you might not get the channels in the correct order).

However Full HD doesn't mean that it will produce HD TNT pics from an aerial.   You need to delve into the spec of your proposed purchase;    if it mentions MPEG 4 (as well as the standard MPEG 2) then it should be all right for French HD pics.  

For Freeview/TNT:

Britain SD   MPEG 2 with DVB-T

France SD   MPEG 2 with DVB-T

Britain HD   MPEG 4 with DVB-T2

France HD  MPEG 4 with DVB-T

So an HD set capable of picking up French HD TNT bought in France may well not (probably won't!) work for Freeview HD if you carried it back to Britain.

Of course your region of France may not have TNT HD yet,  it depends whether you want to be future-proofed (as far as any of us can be).

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Thanks guys. This is the quoted spec:

  • Screen:
    - Screen size approx. (cm): 81
    - Resolution (pixels): 1920 x 1080
    - Aspect ratio: 16.9
    - Contrast: 1300:1
    - Brightness: 450cd/m²
    - Viewing angle: H°178, V°178
    - Reaction time: 8ms

  • Tuner:
    - PLL tuner
    - Multi-standard PAL/SECAM/DVB-T (MPEG2)

  • Connections:
    - 2 x HDMI
    - 1 x SCART
    - 1 x Composite video and 2 x audio (L/R)
    - 1 x VGA
    - 1 x Coaxial
    - 1 x CI Slot
    - 1 x USB 2.0 (PC format only)
    - 1 x Antenna
    - 1 x Headphone (mm): 3.5

  • Sound:
    - Noise reduction
    - Nicam stereo speakers: 2 x 6W

  • Functions:
    - EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
    - Up to 200 analogue and 500 digital channels memory
    - Fastext and teletext with up to 1000 pages memory
    - Parental lock
    - Sleep timer

Hope it means more to you than much of it does to me.

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Well it should certainly be OK for standard definition TNT.    For HD  (when it arrives in your area) you'd need to buy another box and plug it in via the HDMI socket.

With the proviso that the TNT channels might not appear in the correct order (but may well do).

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That will do me, Martin. Not expecting exceptional quality for the money - just want a half-decent picture of programmes I wish to watch. We have an unused amplifier unit and speakers designed for use with TV that might help if the sound isn't great.

Thanks again.

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We took our old Sony crt with freeview over a couple of years ago, works ok, the only thing we can't get is teletext and the clock is stuck on UK time. Am trying to get into the service menu then hopefully will be able reset it and get teletext etc.

But more modern ones should work better.


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