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I dont know where you live but if near London both Selfridges and Harrods have an international section for magazines. Another way is to ask you local newsagent if they can obtain them for you. I know I can get american magazines easily but have not tried French ones. The last option is that I am sure they will have an overseas subscriber option. There is usually a card in the magazine to fill in.

Happy hunting
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Maison and Travaux has a web site: http://www.maison-travaux.fr. You can probably get subscription information off of that.

I looked in my magazines and did not see prices for outside France but their address is Maison & Travaux, 16-18,rue de l'Amiral Moouchez, 75686 Paris Cedex 14.

You could probably write them and ask for a subscription and give them your bankcard information so they could charge the cost to your card.

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