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Yesterday afternoon booted a PC Tower using Vista without any problem, some 30 minutes later the screen froze preventing use of mouse and impossibility of a normal close down.

Stopped PC by continuous pressing of power button and then rebooted, the PC refused to enter Safe Mode and after count down in default reloaded Vista with screen frozen and same navigation problem. Checked the right button and contextual menu appeared and duly removed with Escape Key. Closed the PC down suspecting that there was a mouse misfunction.

So checked wireless mouse from repose, all buttons EXCEPT the left button caused the laser to blip and awaken the mouse.

This afternoon borrowed a USB mouse and disconnected the wireless mouse; after the usual advice on driver install the PC is working fine.

One wonders if any one has done a system reinstall, losing all their personal files, due to mouse left button not working.[:)]

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When I ran my one man show I would return to the office after working on site to do the accounts, invoicing, type up quotes etc untill late into the evening/night.

It was summer and the days were long, every evening at about the same time I would have problems with my mouse not responding and working intermittently, it was an IBM mouse so not a cheap one.

One night as the sun sunk lower and was making the screen hard to read I closed the window blind beside my desk and bingo the mouse started behaving properly. There was a tiny gap between clamshells letting the light in but only when the sun was setting, the light was blinding the opto-electronic sensor so that it could not see the signals from the infra rouge LED coming through the chopper wheel.

Did you lose all your personal files Pachapapa? I havnt wiped the HDD on your old computer yet if there may be anything there that you need.

Did you get my E-mail by the way?

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No all in order, just finding the mini Poitou Charente Publicity "mulot" awkward to handle with my big mitts.

By the way no need to wipe the HDD there is nothing on it, just connect it to your FAI and do the MS security updates and install Microsoft Security Essentials as it will have I think Avast or AVG and Windows Defender. Outlook Express keeps all the messages in *.dbx files, so it is easy to locate them and eliminate them if you want to free up disc space ; the addresses are in *.wab. Then Windows Live Mail can be installed if required without importing a lot of dead wood.


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The "unplugged mouse" has been taken apart and reveals no mechanical actuation problem so it's on the board; previous unplugged office mouse now working fine. In the reserve mouse box an Olidata PS2 laser mouse, looking for an owner, sorry about that.[:)]

Morale of thread a frozen screen may not be an evil Root Kit requiring a full reformat and system install of the HDD.

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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

Wireless mice freezing is usually due to low battery in the mouse.

Mine does this from time to time but a replacement of the batteries followed by pushing the association buttons on mouse and receiver fixes the problem. Usualy don't even need to reboot.


Thanks for advice, you were absolutely spot on the button.[:)]

In order to ensure that my mice, yes the plural, get adequate charging there are now two wireless mice camped on the workspace. One in a PS2 socket and the other in a USB 2 socket.

As long as a mouse is docked and cursor stationary change over is instantaneous.

Thanks again.PPP.

P.S. And tomorrow I'll get a AAAA battery for the AceCat Flair Stylus Pen waiting in the wings.

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