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Contacting Orange FT for phone line out of service

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Over the weekend, our phone line failed, no dial tone, no incoming or outgoing calls, hadn't realised because adsl was still working !!.

When I realised, I tried to ring 1013 over VOIP which was still working, and with my UK mobile, both of which failed due to number not being recognised.

I tried all possible combinations of 0033 +33 etc on both phones to no avail

This morning I was able to ring the English speaking line on VOIP as it is a normal (ish) number.

I suppose I should buy a French SIM for my mobile for this sort of scenario, but the PAYG cards expire quickly if not used.

The other alternative would be to get a geographical number for service AV similar to the English speaking one, the guy suggested 0800 361013, but that doesn't work either.

Anybody any solutions to this?

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[quote user="Quillan"]Get a PAYG SIM from LeClerc, it does not run out, we put 50 Euros on for a year and you can either buy a top up at LeClerc, dial a number and pay by (French) bank card or do it over the internet.[/quote]


Can you remember  which SIM card this was by any chance? Last time I looked / asked I got bogged down really because I didn't know what I was looking for. Am running very basic SFR la Carte on our 'french' mobile and am sick of running out of time  when I've still got credit on it. It wont work in UK either- grrrr.


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