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How to receive FREE almost all UK Channels

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Hello everyone, don't get fooled. To receive BBC 1,2,3,4, Channel 4, film 4, more 4, E4, Channel Five, plus loads of other good English channels just buy

a digital satellite box (from 30 Pds) a satellite dish min. 60cms wide with the arm that can accept  2 or, better,  3 LNB's to be pointed to Astra 1, Astra 2 and Hotbird.

You will be able also to receive all main Italian Channels, so you can dream you are in Italy !!! LOL !! Have fun.

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On the Distaff side :

By the time you are as far south as Bordeaux you need a well aligned 80 cms dish to avoid drop outs during periods of heavy rain.  A 60 cm dish with a significant percentage of its face obscured by 3 LNBs and the brackets will probably not cut it. The only time I would choose to use three LNBs and one dish was if there was a legal or physical restraint on mounting a second dish. I am pretty sure that any members of the forum whose maths is good enough to align an offset LNB knew it was possible and have chosen not to do so.

I have yet to see a 7 day EPG on any receiver other than Sky or Freesat for UK TV. They may exist but I have not seen one. The cheap digital receiver which I discarded in favour a second hand skybox, an Optex 9510 Digital Satellite Receiver, would only ever list now and next and did not have series link or autoview that a Skybox provides. There is a good amount of work setting up an off the shelf digital receiver. This is not a one off process. Between Sky and Freesat there have been fairly regular reshuffles. The appearence of ITV1 HD and the close of Men and Motors being the last one I am aware of. Other interesting bits and pieces include CBBC and Cbees changing into BBC3 and BBC4 at 7 each evening UK time.

Short comment - you either knew all about it and had the technical knowledge to set it up before the post or you need to invest a lot of time and some money learning enough to properly evaluate it.


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[quote user="Chancer"]The person who believes that there are loads of good English channels perhaps?[/quote]

Or the one believing there are loads of good Italian channels...............jeez I lived in Italy for 2 years their TV is total dross.  Although the show where the guy stripped the girl to her underwear using a massive digger was pretty cool...........[:D]


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