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VOIP phone company recommendation

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For the last few years we have been using VOIPCheap.com for our calls to UK and New Zealand, however I recently ran out of free days and for some reason am unable to top it up. I have tried French debit card, English debit card, English credit card,in combination with a French address and an English one I sometimes use but to no avail.

Therefore now is the time to look around for another company offering a similar service, only occasional use, maybe 2/3 calls mainly to UK a week, so a monthly charge would be over the top.

Any recommendations please?

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I'm using draytel.org and sipgate.co.uk

Both will give you a free uk 0845 or geographical number. (For a uk number you need to sign up from a UK IP address). Both charge as you go but also do package deals.

I use them in addition to Orange , as it means people on Uk mobiles can phone a local number in the uk (included in their subscription), and landline to 0845 is free in the UK. Routing cost to a fixed landline fixed is around 1p/minute for most countries, if you pick up via your VOIP phone its of course free.

sipgate one can also be setup to call hunt. e.g it will ring for a user defined time at various phones in sequence until you answer one. sipgate also accept paypal top up.

Both work well though a linksys PAP2 analogue to VOIP converter, connected to a live box.

remember that you can also get VOIP on some mobiles, e.g iphone. So in a wifi area you make a call using a UK phone caller id. Also works on 3G, although this is usually not allowed in your contract ;-))
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