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Had a phone call in work yesterday on my mobile, would like to pop over complete the transaction on Friday!!! Aghhh!! at: 1700hrs Aghhh!!

you know what happens, are we doing the right thing/ are we sure? hard to remember Brittany on a hot sunny day in the middle of December then theres bank transfers!! I used to work for a high street building society/bank, missing payments I know all about them.

Having been lulled into an unreal sense of security that we would complete until after Christmas its all become a bit of a rush, the judiciary in Limoges have all powers over our vendor, poor old lady, but it looks like they went back to work and got their finger out, Britline have been marvellous so has my notaire, so far, next worries are the electric and water and buildings insurance what can we do after coming out of the notaires at 17.30. We must have got the better half of the bargain though because it doesnt look like the vendors are going to take us to supper!!

We are hoping to stay in the house friday and saturday so it looks like indoor camping should be fun

wish us luck everybody

elaine and john
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