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Another computer / orange question

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I have tv, phone and internet all through orange (livebox and decoder).

The program was originally installed on my desk top computer which no longer works and I had to start that computer up first every day to get the whole thing going, then my net book which has built in wifi would connect too.

Since my desk top broke, I have not unplugged the livebox and have continued to get the full service.

Tomorrow, I have got to turn the electric off and wonder if when the electric back on, will I be able to connect it all up again ? or is there any way I an make the netbook my main computer for this purpose ?
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Switch Off order.

TV Decoder

Orange LiveBox

Switch On Order.

Orange LiveBox (wait until you can get an Internet connection and can connect your computer and also check that the phone is working, it can take up to 5 minutes for the phone light to come on and the phone to work so don't panic if it does not work for a few minutes).

TV Decoder

The LiveBox does not need power to 'remember' its settings. You make find that the TV decoder needs to scan again for its channels but it only takes a couple of minutes. The reason for this order is that the LiveBox is a DHCP server (it gives out the 'in-house' IP address's) and I am not sure if the TV decoder asks for an IP address, I suspect it does which is why I recomend this order. Plus if you switch it all on at once and there is a problem you may not know which bit is causing the problem.

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