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Can anyone tell me where I might find step by step instructions in french on using 'Orange'.

Two weeks ago my french neighbour had a local chappy come to the house and install a new computer, livebox etc including setting up the subscription to orange and a couple of hours of training all for the sum of 1100 euros!

However, this is the first time in her life that she has used a pc so she hasn't a clue what she's doing but is determined to get on with it. (got to admire her courage at 66 years of age!).

She rings me at least once a day for help which is usually down to her inexperience with the mouse and clicking or double clicking her way into oblivion!

My french is not that good and I'm finding it difficult to explain about emails she thinks she has sent as they've disappeared from the screen but which have ended up in the 'brouillons' box because she keeps forgetting to ajouter then valider the address. I did begin to explain the shortcut to inserting an address but that confused her even more as it wasn't the way the young man had shown her.

I couldn't understand why she wouldn't let me 'clean up' ie delete the now very long list of emails in her recu/envoyee/brouillons/corbeille boxes. It turns out that she thought if she supprimer'd anything she would lose the email addresses of her friends. So I had to spend some time trying to explain the 'mes contacts' tab.

Last night I got a panic phone call because she thought she'd bought 2 cinema tickets not realising it was an email from the orange boutique!

I could go on but I think you will get my drift by now.

I am frustrated with myself because I don't always understand what she's asking me (must get back into french lessons!) and need to get her some documented help before I go 'cuckoo'.

all advice very gratefully received. Chris
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Ha ha......guess what, having sent her the email explaining where to find 'aide' I got a return email saying she found it difficult to understand and could I go round today if I can find the time and explain. Guess I'll just have to carry on coucou-ing !

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