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Is anyone else having the following problem with AOL? I am running AOL 9.1 derived from a UK source and all has been well for the last couple of years until today. AOL insisted on doing an update this morning, it does this from time to time, and now when I type anything in the search bar at the top, the one with the button marked "Go" at the right hand end, I get an AOL search page in German headed "Es wurden keine Ergebnisse gefunden" which I gather means that there are no results.

The search bar on the centre welcome screen and the one on the top bar with the button marked "Search" works normally however. Virus scan found nothing but Spybot found something called Direct Track which has been deleted. A restore to yesterday has been done but the problem persists so am I alone?..................................JR

PS The problem seems to have been fixed and all working normally today the 15th, weird! Must be something AOL did but has nobody else had the same experience?

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