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Just thought I'd mention this, although it's nothing new.

I've just upgraded my Archos media player. I gave my old 604 to a friend, who does something similar to us, lives in France but works in the UK.

Once I had shown him he could record on to the Archos direct from the TV, play the 'video' either on the built in screen, OR plug it into his French telly and play them on that, he suddenly realised what I'd been doing for the last couple of years! He is now sold on carrying up to 40 films/tv programmes or converted DVDs around with him and being able to take programmes recorded in the UK, to watch at his leisure at home, or even on the journey (when his other half is driving) but it staggered me he never realised he could do it!!!

So rather than bothering with video recorders or recordable DVDs, take a look at Archos, a very convenient way of taken films about with you!!

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I had the Archos 405 until I bought my Netbook and although the TV recording facility seemed potentially useful the subscription based EPG - which was pants anyway - meant was effectively unusable and I just used to transfer web or Tivo downloads to it.

I have no regrets about selling it and my Netbook has a nice 10.1" screen and it's battery lasts longer too [;-)]

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I think the Archos mentioned in the Telegraph is more for computing, and I have no experience of that.

the 405 was dreadful, but the 604, 605 etc were much better, and I have never had to have a subscription. I just drop the unit on the docking station in the UK, use the remote to record, pack it when I go home, drop it on the docking station there and watch. The battery life is eight hours, on par with my sub-notebook, and although the in built screen is smaller, it's easier to stick on the dashboard as we go through the tunnel than a netbook, if fact, that's wy I brought my first one, fits in my pocket!!

If you download/rip films into AVI files, they are HD quality, I suppose like all things, constant improvements are always being made!!

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