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Replacement for Nero Cd writer ?

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 I have used Nero to write Cds for several years - however today it stopped working and required an upgrade - at the end of it the system needs the Nero serial number which I dont have (my computer techie installed it and he is unavailable)

Can any one recommend a free replacement - I mainly need to make data discs - text and pics...


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Probably was a bundled version when installed, only allowing updates within the version number.

I have Nero Essentials 7 bundled as an OEM, the installation CD somewhere never used as pre installed by OEM.

The licence number is accessible from the HD.

Nero - Burning Rom 7 4C89-300K-3045-E00X-055X-77E0-0900-4022-6KM3-7796 OEM

If the old version is still installed then you could ascertain the licence number of the version before attempting to update.

This can be done fairly easily by downloading and installing SIW.

Then running the programme using the Installed Programmes or the Licenses Option in the SideBar.

Nothing illegal as it is your softwares key so no cracking involved.

SIW available at


Scroll down the page for the Freeware Version.

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