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Orange Call Forwarding

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Good news, after the last update you can now choose to forward your calls to either your voice mail or another number. You can also choose if you want it on number of rings and if the line is busy. This means that if you are on IP only (no FT line) and your Livebox goes down you can still get calls via your mobile automatically. For me it means I can leave the house without wondering if I have lost any reservation enquiries for my B&B. I assume it takes the minutes from your free hour when forwarding to your French mobile. Other than that there does not seem to be any charges.
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I`ve just set up to divert my Orange landline calls to my mobile, will be keeping an eye on my suivi forfait over the coming days <slightly nervous smiley>

Reading the small print, it seems that it is free for one hour to mobiles plan (in my case) and then 0.16€ a minute.
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