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I have been advised to get a avi player and to honest have not got a clue as to what they are,I want one to plug into my tv so i can watch films on it as i am told this is the future(again).

can anyone advise on a good model to buy and any help would be appreciated,I do not want to use my computer to watch films so need one as i say to plug into tv.




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There are a multitude of DVD players, a lot depends on what you want it to do. Have a look at this list HERE . We have a cheap player we got in Super U which has a USB socket (for a memory stick) and an SD card slot. It plays most things from mp3 music to .avi movies and pics straight from the camera.

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I've got one of THESE which works extremely well.  It plays all sorts of files and has full HDMI 1080p output (of course the input file has to be HD too)

Actually I don't use it so much now as my new telly has the same sort of funtionallity built in but it was really useful when I had an old TV

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