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Open Office advice please

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 After my recent experience I am being very cautious about downloading anything, however I used to have Open Office which was very useful for opening documents sent in more recent editions than I have (still on 2003 and from I hear the new version of Word is nothing like the old)

When I go to install Open Office now I get the message :

' OOo_3.3.0_Win_x86_install-wJRE_en-GB.exe" is an executable file. Executable

files may contain viruses or other malicious code that could harm your computer.

Use caution when opening this file. Are you sure you want to launch


 Is it safe to proceed ?

Many thanks

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Providing the download comes from a reputable source it should be ok, run you virus checker afterwards to be safe or only download from the Sun systems website.


I use word 2010 but I have to honest it's hard to locate stuff in so many menus as it has all been moved around, probably you can customise it to look just how you want but that will probably mean more time studying it.

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That is a standard warning message on windows, especially if you want to install non-Microsoft software

For some reason Open Office 3.3 doesn't want to work on Windows 7 64 bit for me, so I stick with 3.2 which works fine.

I use Linux more often than Windows nowadays, and the version of Open Office that comes with that also works fine and is compatible.

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[quote user="Bob T"]Norman, I use the newer version of Openoffice on both Windoze 64 and Linux. It is called Libreoffice, but is just the same.


LibreOffice seems to be run by the originators of OpenOffice, and also updates more often. If anyone is interested it can be downloaded here.

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I have nothing against Open Office, although for some reason I had a problem updating as I said above.

I have used it for several years.

The reason why I have now installed LibreOffice on the Windows part of my computer is that I have also been using it successfully on the Linux part , (I have both on a 'double boot' option)and so it is simpler for me personally to have the same on both Operating systems..

I wouldn't get into a war between two good products.

For example the spreadsheet I did for French tax liability for people with UK government pensions was done on LibreOffice and Linux, whereas the Hospital Vocabulary was prepared on Open Office 3.2 on Windows 7

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