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A question for TV/DVD/Freesat experts.

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I want to connect the following together.


DVD player. (HDMI and SCART)

Humax Freesat box. (HDMI and SCART)

The problem with using two HDMI cables is that the TV only has one socket on the back. It does, however have one on the side marked HDMI Side.

Can I use both these connections or is it possible to connect the DVD to the Freesat box using a SCART connection then the Freesat box to the TV using HDMI connection.

Any help appreciated.

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I have 4 HDMI connections on my TV. Certain connections are suited to particular inputs, for example a PC.

There will be a menu available on the screen of the TV using the remote control where you can activate the particular input unit.

An example of the Samsung Manual but fairly representative.


xx For better picture and audio quality, connect to a digital device using an HDMI cable.

xx An HDMI cable supports digital video and audio signals, and does not require an audio cable.

–– To connect the TV to a digital device that does not support HDMI output, use an HDMI/DVI and audio cables.

xx The picture may not display normally (if at all) or the audio may not work if an external device that uses an older

version of HDMI mode is connected to the TV. If such a problem occurs, ask the manufacturer of the external

device about the HDMI version and, if out of date, request an upgrade.

xx Be sure to use an HDMI cable with a thickness of 14 mm or less.

xx Be sure to purchase a certified HDMI cable. Otherwise, the picture may not display or a connection error may


xx A basic high-speed HDMI cable or one with ethernet is recommended. This product does not support the

ethernet function via HDMI.

xx This product supports the 3D and ARC (Audio Return Channel) functions via an HDMI cable. Note that the

ARC function is supported by the HDMI IN 2(ARC) port only.

–– If 3D Auto View is set to On, some functions such as Internet@TV may be disabled. In this case, set

3D Auto View or 3D Mode to Off.

xx The ARC function allows digital audio to output via the HDMI IN 2(ARC) port. It can be enabled only when the

TV is connected with an audio receiver that supports the ARC function.

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Bugsy, you have a very similar set-up to me. I have the DVD player connected to the TV via SCART, and the Humax box to the TV via HDMI. I have a HD TV and the HD programmes are good resolution as you'd expect. The DVD player is a little older and I don't have an HDMI lead for it, although it has an HDMI socket, but as we don't watch DVDs very often I haven't bothered to try it any other way. My TV has 2 HDMI sockets on the back and one on the side. It doesn't matter which one you use. The TV may automatically detect the signal and switch the input to HDMI or SCART, mine doesn't and I have to manually select SCART to watch a DVD.


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