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Is it fixed????

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I don't think so, as I still have dificulty logging in and it won't remember my password. Also, all postings still appear as unread and erroneous message about new messages in private in-box is still appearing!! So what have they been doing while it was down all day?

Please can somebody tell us when it will be back to normal?

Angie Moore
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Yes, I have the same problems as you, exactly the same as before. I have to assume that the site was down for other reasons as I am sure they would have tested it before reinstalling. Hopefully Eleanor will give us an update.

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Dear Angie,

We are still trying to sort the problem.

In response to your message questioning what have we been doing all day? From your comments I imagine you think I am sitting back with my feet up on the desk, doing very little - that is sadly not the case!! We are tryng to produce a magazine and also keep a rather large Forum running smoothly. It is 5.51pm and I am still in the office trying to sort this problem. Have a good evening,

Forum Administrator

>I don't think so, as I
>still have dificulty logging in
>and it won't remember my
>password. Also, all postings still
>appear as unread and erroneous
>message about new messages in
>private in-box is still appearing!!
>So what have they been
>doing while it was down
>all day?
>Please can somebody tell us when
>it will be back to
>Angie Moore

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