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Re-connecting a FT landline/Internet

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Just wondering if it is possible to re connect on what was an existing landline and internet line with France Telecom?

Both were stopped just over a year ago because of a house fire which totally destroyed everything, but the house has been rebuilt and is almost ready to move into.

Is it possible to organise this via the internet or is a journey to a FT shop necessary? I dread the latter so hope it can be done via internet.

Any help with how to arrange this would be most appreciated.
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I would try sending them an email and explaining what you want to do. It might just work. Nothing to lose anyway.

We used to disconnect our phone every winter when we went back to England.

Seem to remember one year when I wanted to reconnect they said I had to send them the exact amount of my last bill - to the very centime. I just replied that I didn't have the bill to hand. They let me off and reconnected me anyway.

All done online in pigeon French.

Not sure if it helped but I always began my emails with an apology for my dreadful French (even though I checked every verb ending at least three times and used the big dic).

ps just re-read your post and see that you are talking about phone and internet.

In our case it was just the phone line that we managed to reconnect on line.

Bizarrely, we had to go into the Orange shop to reconnect the internet!

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