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Setting up Freeview TV in France

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Hi everyone

Hope someone can help a novice in these matters.

I have two free to view boxes out in France and a dish with two lnb outlets.   The fitings for the "aerial" on the box are for an actual aerial - can I put an adapter - which I think I have and connect to the dish.

If I can do this are the TV channels the same - ie BBC1, 2, ITV 1, 2, 3 and so on and also Channel 5 for the dreaded Neighbours.

This must seem very stupid to those who know but have no-one to ask.



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Just to expand a little......

Freeview boxes work on terrestrial transmitters,   which at UHF have a limited range.    So once you take them to France they stop picking up British transmitters and instead pick up French transmitters,   so you can use them to watch French TV via an appropriate aerial.    So don't bin the boxes,   but rethink your strategy.

As krusty says,  you need a satellite box of some sort,   and "freesat" (with a small f) is by far the simplest for the basic British channels.

You do however need the dish pointing at the "right" satellite,   (for British TV this is Astra 2 and its fellows at 28 deg East).     Obviously I don't know the history of your house but if it was previously owned by the French (or Dutch or Germans) then the dish may well be pointing elsewhere and won't work for Astra 2 without a trip up a ladder.

Please ask again if you're confused,   it is NOT self evident and we're here to help.

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