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BT XD7500 Telephone(s)

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Last week I got a BT xd7500 twin handset phone kit from PC World with the intention of using it to replace the existing phone in France.

Our existing set up is phone on internet, ie plugged into the livebox. The present phone, an E-Com NO is a bit ''iffy'', hence the replacement.

Obviously the standard UK lead with an rj45 plug on the base station end has a UK style phone plug on the other, so can't be used. I used an existing lead with rj45 plugs on each end to connect the base station to the live box phone outlet. It won't work !!!!!!. No dial tone.

Has anyone got any idea of how to get it to work or even IF it is possible to get it to work. I have tried an alternative livebox to base station lead with the same non-result.
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I don't know about phones connected to a Livebox, but the FT engineer who repaired our storm-damaged telephone line a while back told me that some UK phones will work on the French network, but others don't; you have to try it and see. I opened one of ours (brought from UK) which had never worked and found that it had several different country names marked on the PCB, and "UK" had a soldered connection. "France" wasn't on there and I finished up dumping the phone. Our BT phone does work. It must be something in the electronics! [geek] (I've no idea what, though). You can get UK/RJ45 adapters like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BT-Socket-631A-RJ45-6-Pin-Socket-Phone-Line-Adapter-/190611357813?pt=UK_Phones_PhoneLeads_RL&hash=item2c61528075

Are you sure your BT phone has RJ45 and not RJ11 ? Whatever, I'm sure you could find an adapter, but it may still not work.

Aren't the phones here expensive! [:-))]

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