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French Radio via the TV

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We receive French TNT TV terrestrially (aerial, not satellite) to a "digitally ready" TV at the moment.   That gives us a range of "free" TV channels.  We do not however seem to have access to any "radio" channels, as we do on our UK digital system.

Is there a way of receiving French radio, or have they not moved on that far here yet?



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If you DID receive it by satellite you would have the main radio channels.    But that's no help to you!

It was a masterstroke of the BBC to introduce radio to Freeview (initially just the digital only BBC stations) but they were so well received (in all senses of the word) that the BBC added the legacy networks too,  and a few commercials joined in too.

Problem is that radio takes up some bandwidth,  which means fewer TV channels or impaired technical quality.    Which is one of the reasons why French TNT pictures are generally of higher quality than Britain,   because they decided how many channels there should be and stuck with it,   rather than squeezing more and more in as we have done.

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[quote user="pachapapa"]

No none.

Buy a decent FM Radio. I recommend a Sony for over 50 years I have never been without a Sony.


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When I visit my eldest daughter in Worcestershire I use a Radio with LAN/WiFi connection including DAB, FM and Internet Radio.

It picks up France Bleu Poitou without any problem, so it is easy to keep in touch.


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Thanks a lot boys and girls!   To be honest, my main reason for asking was to make sure that our TV wasn't missing something that it should be receiving!  We can get radio via the tuner with no problem.  However, in the UK there is wider range of radio available via the digital network that over the airwaves, so that might have been good here.   Maitin's point about the bandwidth is interesting and the better picture quality is certainly noticeable.

And yes, we do occasionally stream stuff over the internet, but that’s not so practical for us…..

But now we know the score anyway!  Thanks.


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Glad you noticed the TNT picture quality, the HD is all in 1080i.

The future plans for the TNT service up to the year 2015 is for ALL transmission to be in HD.

The 6 new channels to be awarded in march 2012 will give preference to new channels rather than duplication of existing SD channels.

This will be compatible with current DVB-T equipment so everyone will be on HD/MPEG4.

The introduction of DVB-T2 is only scheduled provisionally for the year 2020.

So no fears on the TNT front.

However if you buy a new TV with an onboard Satellite Decoder make sure that it has got DVB-S2 as this is already widely used for satellite transmission.

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