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Returning an unused ORANGE tv box to an Orange store?

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Has anyone cracked this?

It seems when we take a box back to the store (2 different branches) for our €50 refund (we never used it, nor plan to, nor wanted it in the first place but were told we 'had' to have it) we get long faces and words to the effect of 'ooohh, not sure if it will work smoothly, maybe your account will never get credited, box might get lost on the way etc. etc... Clearly unable (or unwilling) to make a call to HQ to acknowledge it's receipt, or make a note on our account on their system (they are a communications company non?)..

We seem to be left with the only way, which is to fill in the form enclosed in the box packaging and post (at our own expense - €12) and wait for the refund to come through.. (which I'm sure it would..)

Now I'm not that stingy, but I am a little bloody minded and like to push these people (by that I mean rigid officious businesses..) and make them work a bit harder (and hopefully change their ways in the long run..).

So, in short, has anyone successfully done the easiest of things, drop their box off at an Orange shop, and got their money back?

Cheers for any successful (or not) encounters..

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We received two Orange TV Boxes, I collected one from the store as we had not received the one via the post. I took the spare to the local 'Orange Store', told them we had received two, he filled in some paperwork which I signed to say I had returned it, 1 week later we received an unexpected cheque for 50Euro's !
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