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Mobile offer from Numericable

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Having read the recent thread concerning mobile internet (though for short-term use), one thing that struck me was the very low usage allowances being quoted - eg 50 Mb - which is not much if you want to send and receive a few documents and actually USE the internet. I've just received a flyer from Numericable offering a mobile phone service: 19.99€/month for free calls to landlines in 40 countries, free calls to mobiles in France, free SMSs and 3GB of mobile internet use. It is not restricted to misericable customers. It seems to me to be a competitive offer: could those of you who are using mobile internet in France comment on this please? http://offres.numericable.fr/promotion/12736/forfait-ultra-mobile?id=12736&nom=forfait-ultra-mobile#mentions

EDIT: I have read further on in the other thread and now seen mention of 3GB on Free and Bouygues for 20€/month. So perhaps this offer from Numericable is just a "me too" rather than moving the market on.

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