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TNT SAT setup - Fails to find the correct channels....

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I stumbles on something that I hoped would be strait forward, but turned out not to be so.

Could I please ask if somebody could read this and hint me on the right solution.

I returned to my second-home (Pas De Calais) to learn that there is no analogue TV sat any more.

So I read about the options. I had couple of disused dishes and I got a nice TNT SAT decoder from a local brocante. But, I can not manage to get the normal French channels from it,

The decoder is Visiosat TVS 7500 TNTSAT and it came with a card (Viaccess) inside. I pointed the dish (similar to the Sky dish) to 19.2E, went to the installation setup and choose "Astra 19.2E". The Level and Quality bars shows fairly healthy levels (Level is above 70dBmV and Quality is around C/V 7 db)

I let is do its installation procedure which includes showing a "Scanning transponder in progress..." window where it scan and finds some 30 "signal-types" (each is "numbered" and its two 5-digit numbers and V or H is stated). When this scan ends it jumps into a "channel scan" screen and fills the left-hand-side with (65) TV channels it finds and the right-hand-side with (38) radio channels... but all these channels are worng... (e.g: sky news, cnn, communityChnl, 8039, BEN, game tv, sunrise tv, a lots of peace, faith and shopping channels....) ... but none of the normal French channels (TF1 TF2 etc.). Every document say there should be 18 French channels on this Astra satellite.

Please advise what am I doing wrong.

Thank you
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Ah,  but you didn't point it at 19.2 E,   you must have pointed it at 28.2 deg E.

The reason your strength and quality bar graphs are responding is because many of the frequencies/symbol rates etc are common to both positions (they're both run by SES Astra) so your box can't tell the difference,    until you scan and find all those "wrong" channels.

Standing behind the dish you need to swing it to the right (southwards) with the LNB end moving about 7 - 10 cms I guess,   then tip it UP by a couple of degrees.   Fine tune the quality bar graph and have another go.  

Bon courage.

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Well I certainly don't wish the OP the inconvenience of falling off a ladder!!!

I suppose it's not so much gratitude that I crave,   it's more having the satisfaction of finding out if one had given the correct advice!

Loose ends and all that.....

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