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UK Freesat in 31

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I live near you and in theory the answer is no, in practical terms nobody really knows. It might work with a bigger dish, it might be OK with what you have, or so they experts say, but in truth we won't know till it happens.

We had a big discussion about this some time ago, you need to look at the thread below.

This one shows the 'foot print'


This one is the main thread,


A lot of stuff is already on the new satellite but it has not been moved (apparently) to it's final resting place. Some channels that were OK before to get lost more easily when it rains down here. I am just a user but I suspect that a more qualified person will be along shortly with more info.


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Thanks Q

I read the threads when they were ongoing and thought that the new satellite was in its final resting place so results would be known. Thanks for the info that it is not.

Was going to buy a Humax recorder for France if it had moved and reception was OK. Now, will bring down our one we use in the UK until things do actually change and reception is known.

As for rain, then that is not a concern in the South of France [;-)]....yes, in very heavy rain it can become unwatchable.

A little while back cut down some and cut back other trees which improved reception.


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I can't add any further information to that in the other threads;   having said that with the state of Europe at present I don't think there's exactly huge demand for extra capacity anywhere.    Particularly at 19 deg E (from which Astra 1N is currently "borrowed") where the shutting of 29 analogue transponders (*) (replaced with only about five digital ones) has freed up acres of space - they could launch two or three new Canalsat bouquets in the liberated space.   Who's going to be paying to do that at the moment....?

So if I was SES Astra I'd probably be keeping quiet and hoping the construction of 2F and 2E doesn't go to fast - although some emergency back up capacity would be desirable.    Certainly no one is clamouring for the new deployments so we may be spared quite a bit longer.....

Just my hunch.

(*) currently some of the analogue transponders are still carrying screens with information encouraging people in Germany to go digital,   but they're gradually dwindling.

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