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Aspect Ratio setting on Orange Sat box

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Had occasion to help a friend install an Orange Livebox/Orange Satellite system this afternoon.

All went fairly well,   but the HDMI signal to the TV is stretched horizontally with black bars top and bottom.

This can be corrected by selecting one of the TV Zoom settings for aspect ratio,   but this is not actually the "correct" way to deal with the problem.    But I couldn't find - with limited time - how to get into the system menus for the Orange Sat box,  just basics like language and subtitles,  but not picture format settings.

Can anyone point me in the right direction....?


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Thanks Danny.    I'm going back this week to finish off some other loose ends so I'll see if I can correct it.

Was rather envious to see that Mezzo HD was thrown in to their pack - although it was bleedin' Beethoven (Fidelio) when I was there.......

Thanks again


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It seems that Mezzo live HD is part of one of their add on paying packs.


So if your friend has only taken the basic (free) channels then Mezzo and Mezzo live HD will disappear soon.

They normally keep the paying channels open temporarily for new installations to tempt customers into signing up once the screen goes blank!


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