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I have had a new white neufbox to replace an old neuf modem.

I have Windows 7 and try to play bridge on the internet using wifi.

It has becme a difficult and frustrating game now because my connection is lost repeatedly!(apart from difficult game!!)

Any ideas .....apart from finding a real live club to play the old fashioned,trouble free method with live people and cards!!!

No changes in house and previously fairly good.

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Just a guess but is it possible that the Neuf box is using B/G/N WiFi but your laptop (presumably) only has B/G ?

If so see if there are any updated drivers for the laptop and if not downgrade the Neuf box to B/G only.

Theoretically it shouldn't matter but as something odd is going on everything is worth looking at.

It may also be worth changing the WiFi channel on the Neuf box, if it's on auto you should be able to manually choose any channel. The laptop should follow it automatically.

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but not being knowledgeable of internetetc.what do I do ?

laptop 2 years old me 74! not yet up to speed with all this gobbygook,but can write and do mathematics in my head and even find my way driving around europe without sat.nav. gear!

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