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Irritating SFR Problem

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We've been with SFR for a number of years and they've been fine.

Just recently we've been experiencing difficulty when composing emails. Imagine it ............. you've rattled off 3 or 4 lines of text and for no apparent reason, the screen flashes and brings up your 'contact' page.  Your message has gone - not even saved as a draft.

So you start again - same thing happens.  It might take 3 attempts to get to the end of your message and send it successfully.

It first did it to Mrs G and with my useful diplomacy, I suggested that it might have been finger-trouble on her part. Now its doing it to me and I was just wondering whether anybody else is experiencing the same problem?

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I have sometimes had a similar problem even posting here because I am clumsy and hit the cntl key ...

If it is something important I get round it by writing in (Libre)Office  and copying and pasting.

At least the document stays intact and if the send fails you can copy again.

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