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iPad CalDAV password request ?

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I did a search for your problem, and it sounds as if it could be tied up with your Yahoo mail account password, if you have such a thing.

One suggestion to start with is to do a full shutdown of your iPad, by pressing the dimpled button at the bottom of the screen at the same time as holding down the Power button on the top right edge (relative to having the dimple at the bottom). Hold both in firmly until the screen goes black, and when you release the buttons you should get just the Apple logo in the middle of the screen while it starts up again.

If that doesn't work, you will have to google your problem and take your pick from the many suggestions offered.

Good luck!

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It seems to me that quite a lot of the problems like this can be resolved by turning the computer off entirely and starting again.

Last night my MAC decided not to pick up the livebox, and a simple restart did not solve it.  As soon as I turned it all off and left it for couple of minutes before switching in back on, it all came back with no other input from me.

I remember being given this tip by our computer man at work when I first had to learn how to use a MAC.

Certainly always worth a try.

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