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We are in the process of setting up a group of people in the Suffolk/North Essex/South Cambridgeshire area who own or are looking to own property in France.

We would envisage meetings about once every couple of months. These informal meetings would be to exchange ideas and information on all aspect of living in France and owning French property.

Other ideas we had were to get speakers in about subjects of interest eg conveying french property, french laws on letting property, french food and wines, aspects of building and renovations in France etc.

Another idea was the possibility of house swaps, in order to see other parts of France.

We are open to any other ideas that people may have.

If you are interested then please e-mail:

Karen Last at karen@lastword.plus.com

The first meeting will be on Monday 24th May 2004
probably in the Keddington area near Haverhill in Suffolk.

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Born in Stowmarket, now living permanently in the Vendee since August last year - absolutely no regrets (well, perhaps a small tin of Heinz baked beans on toast would be nice now and again!).

We did lots of homework: Cost of living, cost for utilities, health care, car registration, through to house finding/purchasing/legislation process. It was quite an adventure and only some (thank heavens) small mistakes.

Regret cannot make your meeting but wish you all the luck - great idea to set up the group.

If I can help - shout - or email!



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another ex-suffolk family, well two actualy. although not born in suffolk lived in leiston for 7 years before moving over to brittany 2 years ago. my parents lived in a village down the rd from us and also live here. my fathers sister and family moved over last year from frinton, essex. although suffolk is a lovely county would not swap. hope you enjoy your meetings.
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