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Erections - Geant Promo Pools!

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Hi, we bought one of the Gre steel wall above ground pools on promo at Geant the other week and, after levelling the ground (very lumpy and rocky here), we got all the components out, read the instructions and then chickened out and put everything back in the box!

Has anyone else bought one of these and erected it with no problems? Any hints and tips? We note that, according to the box it should take 2 to 3 persons 3 to 4 hours to erect. Ha ha! It didn't say anything about the two to three persons 8 to 12 hours to level the ground first!

Anyway - might buck up courage and try again next weekend. A bit windy today anyway.

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We bought a 4 m round pool , hors sol , with steel sides and have used it for the last two years.
Level and make a base of sand
Need three people to get the steel sides connected and clipped into the retaining grooves
Make sure liner has even over hang before filling , it moves when you fill it!
I used clothes pegs to make sure the liner was held in place evenly as the water filled up.
Put a small amount of water in and smooth the base ( checking for stones
Too late if it is uneven , fill and enjoy.

Not sure if yours is the same make , but assume they are all similar.Great value for big volume which can be stored away in winter.
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Hi Helen, there is a very detailed posting on putting up hors sol pools further down the Forum, do a search, if not get back to me, I have a copy on file of my comments but do not want to post it here to waster space.

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