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Removals insurance

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We hope to be moving to the Aude in early August. We have decided, I think, on the removals company, but are looking at the cost of the insurance offered by that company. They are offering a replacement insurance, but not new for old. Is there a company that offers this. Our contents insurence is new for old without any problems. We aren't looking for something for nothing, just value for money!

Any ideas please?

John & Frances (soon to be in the Aude, please)))
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What you want is Marine Insurance.

This is a extra premium and all items you want covered must be listed so you go for 'capital' cost items.

This not only gives you like for like but a longer period in which to make a claim. The normal period is 7 days in which to make a claim but this form of insurance gives you 3 months which is handy as I have found it takes about this amount of time to unpack everything (in fact we have been here 2 years and there are still unopened box's in the garage).

The premium will be so much per 1000 listed. Don't forget to bring all your reciepts with you as when you take out a French policy it is very hard to claim if you don't have a reciept.

Hope this helps


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