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Dewey - Special Home Required for Special Phoenix Cat

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Dewey - special home required for 1 year-old Phoenix cat.


We are urgently seeking a permanent home for Dewey, our beautiful Phoenix cat. Sadly, we have discovered that he carries the cat flu virus which he probably caught as a kitten before he was rescued by Phoenix. 


This means if he would ever become under stress, the symptoms may develop, which in his case, are watery eyes which would need daily treatment with drops or gel. Dewey could pass the virus on to any unvaccinated cats, and therefore, he can no longer stay in his Phoenix foster home as all of our carers have other, often as yet not fully-vaccinated, cats. 


Dewey is a friendly, very affectionate boy. His hobbies include chasing butterflies and sleeping in a sunny spot! A home with a cat-friendly dog would be fine. The virus is not transmittable to dogs.


In consideration of a loving home, the adoption fee would be waived and Phoenix will also cover any on-going veterinary bills related to any future cat-flu symptoms. 


Dewey is in Landerrout Sur Segur, 33540. He is chipped (250268730219102), vaccinated and neutered. If you are interested in adopting him, please contact Lynda on lapuille@gmail.com or 05 53 81 30 44
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