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National Register for microchipped dogs


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I wonder if anyone can be of help? I have searched the forum and in fact asked the same question last November, but can anyone help me as to how I go about registering our three dogs in case they get lost or have an accident (particularly as our youngest dog enjoys the challenge of escaping and then wandering down the road!)?

My last posting gave an indication that the Societe Centrale Canin would be able to do this, but our vet has never been asked to register a dog and does not know what to do. The SCC website is lees than useful I'm afraid and it appears impossible to contact them. From further searches (google) it also seems that the National Fiche Canin (apologies for spelling) may have been disbanded.

All of our dogs have tags that give our details and also say "J'ai une micropuce" but this is not really sufficient as anyone could remove their collar and tag if they wished to. Please can someone help? We are very worried about this. Many thanks.

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If they have a micro chip then they are automatically registered. Aren't they? If a stray dog comes in then the vet should scan for a microchip. Although this is not that common at the moment. Do they have tatoos? As all dogs are registered to their owners via their tatoos. It is law in France. You cannot give you dog away with out sending off the change of owner forms. Some people cut off their dogs ears so that they cannot be traced.

So perhaps you should speak to your vet about a tatoo. Although I thought by law in France all dogs had to be tatooed.

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