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responsabilite civile proprietaire

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We are hoping to sign the Acte de Vente next week on a property insufficiently habitable to warrant Buildings and Contents, but I know this 3rd party liability is compulsory, and that one can take over the Vendors policy. How do we make sure we have sufficient cover and does anyone have any idea of costs or alternative approaches. Many Thanks ! First posting so please forgive any breaches of posting etiquette!
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>We are hoping to sign the
>Acte de Vente next week
>on a property insufficiently habitable
>to warrant Buildings and Contents,
>but I know this 3rd
>party liability is compulsory, and
>that one can take over
>the Vendors policy.

We were in the same position but as the property was empty and had been for years I don't think there was any insurance cover. So we made enquiries, on this website, and got cover from Generali France through Tredinnicks at Cognac. Ivan Tredinnick is English and sent forms really quickly to us in the UK - we completed them and returned for immediate cover.

Since then we have moved to France and Tredinnicks deal with all our insurance (we upgraded the house insurance once it had been renovated), and our one claim (broken windscreen). No problems at all but he's not very good at answering emails so my advice is to telephone (05 45 82 42 93).

best wishes and good luck........helen
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